Some of the best scenery and coastlines in the UK Southwest Motor Gliders can offer a truly great flying opportunity.

G-CDSC is an SF25-C motor glider designed and manufactured in 1999 by Scheibe Flugzeugbau GMBH. The motor glider is a two-seater, side-by-side configuration with dual controls for an excellent training environment. The aircraft has a one-piece canopy which enables fantastic visibility for both occupants.

G-CDSC is powered by a very reliable Rotax 912 engine, located at the front of the aircraft with many safety features such as, electric secondary fuel pump, twin magnetos and many more features which you would expect in a modern-day aircraft.

G-CDSC has good power to weight ratio and is capable of aerotowing standard gliders using the aerotow mechanism at the rear of the aircraft.

Technical Data:
• Wing Span – 15.3m (52.20 ft)
• Maximum Take-off Weight – 650kg
• Glide Ratio – 1:24
• Engine Power (HP) – 80
• Number of Occupants – 2
• Serial Number – 44643

Standard (30 mins)​ £89.00

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Mile-High Club (45 mins)​ £119.00

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Premium Experience (1 Hr)​ £159.00

Premium Jurassic Coast Experience
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